What is karma?

Do I have karma?

What can I do about karma?

Find out SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 2015 3:00pm – 5:30pm

Nature’s Treasures
4103 N I-35
Austin, TX 78722

Siri Deva Singh and Sohan Kaur Khalsa talk about the mechanisms by which we can easily understand karma and techniques for how to identify and break through karma. We’ll understand karma through analogies and practical examples and expand our understanding through different tools, meditations and personal experience.

Sohan Kaur and Siri Deva Singh Khalsa have 20 years of combined experience in a variety of spiritual traditions including Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Reiki, Energy Healing, Angel Oracles and Evolutionary Astrology. This dynamic duo clarifies and informs with their straight forward style of teaching so you can learn about the mystical, spiritual world in down to Earth terms.

$15 before Jan 11th | $20 after Jan 10th | Questions? Call (512) 703-0796 or email: sohan [at] shinerightnow.com



What’s your biggest question about karma?

  1. Plowboy Honkus

    If I don’t believe in reincarnation, does karma affect me? Or conversely, do I share/pay my parents/partners spiritual or karmic debts from past lifetimes because I live with them?

    • Thanks for the great questions!

      It’s not necessary to believe in reincarnation in order to benefit from the idea or theory behind karma. We’ve worked with folks who didn’t believe in past-lives who still felt that the information we shared with them was relevant to their childhood and how events from childhood affected patterns in their life. It’s also a great way to feel like you have the ability to look at situations that feel like obstacles and view them instead as challenges that you can overcome for your greater good and your greater path or purpose.

      If you do believe in past-lives or reincarnation, then the idea that you’ve agreed to reincarnate with the people in your life because the of the particular challenges you can provide each other as opportunities for growth. It’s not that you necessarily share or pay the same karma, but you have the ability to transcend certain patterns that exist between you as you clear karma from your energy field and body. This helps to elevate the patterns to dharma or living a conscious and aware life. There is also the concept of group karma that may apply in the situations that you mentioned. There are karmas that you would have agreed to take on as a couple or family so you could all work to find an elevated view of the situation.

      I hope that these answer your questions! Thanks again

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