Private and Group Kundalini Yoga Classes

We offer private classes for Kundalini yoga and meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. These classes are based on the yoga of awareness. We build strength in the body and the nervous system, boost the immune system, grow intuition, experience relaxation and elevate our consciousness through breath, mantra and meditation.

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Perhaps the best explanation of Kundalini Yoga is that it’s an experience. According to Yogi Bhajan who originally brought this style of yoga to the west “Kundalini Yoga will dawn on you the secret of how to be Healthy, Happy and Holy.” This system on kriyas and meditations brings about physical and subtle changes to the body and energy field, helping you to clear blocks to your own well being so you can shine your brightest light.

What can I expect during a Kundalini Yoga class?

Kundalini Yoga starts with a mantra to tune us in to the connection of our higher self. This mantra ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO also connects us to the wisdom of the teachers that have come before us so that we practice with wisdom and grace. We then begin with pranayam (a breathing exercise) and warm-ups. The teacher describes the theme of the class and then we continue onto the kriya. Kriyas are designed with specific results in mind so one day you might be working to improve the immune system while in another class you might be expanding the aura or opening the heart center.


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Postures often involve a combination of body movements and breathing. Sometimes chanted or silent mantras are incorporated into exercises. The set is usually followed by a deep relaxation in corpse pose and a meditation that complements the kriya and consolidates the class. The class finishes with a song to project peace and light to ourselves and the world.

For a more in-depth look at class structure and some information for beginners, take a look at the pdf on the right.

Kundalini Yoga Morning Sadhana Yoga Class Outdoors

Class Pricing

  • Private Class Our Location 60-75 min $90
  • Private Class Online via Skype, Google Hangouts or other service 60-75 min $90
  • Private Class Private Location 60-75 min $108
  • Group Class Please Call (512) 703-0796 or Email [email protected]