VIDEO: Breathing Through It All, Quick Breath for Moodiness and Stress

Sometimes you just need to breathe through things that come up. Stress is one of those things that saps oxygen in the body and it can be difficult to sleep if the mind is busy and we’re upset about all sorts of different things. That never happens right? 😉
Grab a quick breath of fresh air with the Yoni Pranayam and let us know how it makes you feel!

Cult or community? - Is Kundalini Yoga a cult?

Is Kundalini Yoga a Cult or a Religion? – Part 4 Kundalini Yoga in Context

Ok, this question may pop into a new yogi’s head when trying out Kundalini Yoga, “Is Kundalini Yoga a cult?” So honestly, when I walked into my first Kundalini Yoga class, I thought it was some kind of cult. No kidding. Everyone was wearing white and some people covered their heads with a cloth, turban or had long beards. It was weird. Later on I learned about why people choose to dress this way or cover their heads.

Spirituality and Sexuality - Is Kundalini Yoga Sexual?

Is Kundalini Yoga Sexual? – Part 3 Kundalini Yoga in Context

I’ve had new students or potential students ask me “Is Kundalini Yoga sexual?” Because it’s a topic I’ve researched a bit over the last 8 years I’d like to share with you some of the information that I’ve gathered and experiences I’ve had over the years. Before we get going, I just want to mention…

How is Kundalini Yoga Different From Other Yoga?

How is Kundalini Yoga Different From Other Yoga? – Part 2 Kundalini Yoga in Context

So you’ve heard about Kundalini Yoga, maybe someone has warned you about Kundalini Yoga. Perhaps they told you it’s dangerous, sexual or it makes you crazy… Maybe someone told you it’s a cult even. Before we dub all Kundalini Yoga practitioners as Kundaloonies, let’s take a look at exactly how is Kundalini Yoga different from other yoga styles and how it is similar and what does all that mean?


VIDEO: Reiki Self-Healing Treatment

How to complete a Reiki self-treatment sequence. This is a standard sequence taught in Reiki 1 classes with a few alternatives added in for your consideration. This video is instructional in the Usui tradition of Reiki. If you practice other healing modalities you may also be able to use this sequence as a self-healing treatment. If you would like a Reiki session or a Reiki attunement, contact us.


VIDEO: Breathe Easier: Kriya for Expanding Lung Capacity

This full kundalini yoga kriya will help you breathe deeply and breathe easier. The postures connect you to the lung and heart meridians allowing the prana and breath to fill the body and lungs. Then we work to quickly distribute the energy throughout the whole body. Give yourself the opportunity to experience this beginner friendly, short series of exercises!


VIDEO: Meditation for Emotional Balance

Kundalini Yoga meditation to help us feel more balanced emotionally. Make sure to drink plenty of water with this meditation as it affects the water balance in the body. If you feel moody around the full moon, it might be another indication that you need to drink more water. Another great way to balance emotions is time in nature. Parks are great, the more raw nature you have the better. Get those feet on the grass and in the water!