Sat Nam Sohan,

...The session was divine. It was exactly what I needed to hear to take the next step in my journey. My communication with Angelic beings has never been clearer. I'm ecstatic to feel the connection strengthen. I'm sure you know what it's like. I plan on seeing you sometime in the near future. Thank you for your service to the universe. It is GREATLY appreciated. Much love and blessings to you.

Carson Austin, TX

I very much enjoyed meeting you this time, and thank you once again for making time to introduce me to the reiki tradition, and to do that individually.  I appreciate things having been so spacious in that way, and realized as I looked back on the afternoon we met, that some real healing has taken place in my having spoken with you opening about my journey.  And that your having been open as well, and have responded personally in the way you have, allowed for relaxation of some things held very tightly for a long time to unwind and lose their tension.  Thank you, I am very grateful for your openness and genuine heart.

KH Chicago, IL

The attunement felt powerful.

S Austin, TX

Sat Nam!
I so enjoyed my first Reiki session. I wanted much more!
I am SO grateful for you!
Light & Love,

Tammy TX

Sohan's been instrumental in my quest to bring serenity, balance, wellbeing, depth, and wisdom to my life. In order to accomplish that, I've had to tune in to greater sources of energy within and outside of me while, at the same time, eliminate certain detrimental behavioral patterns. Sohan's guidance via yoga, meditation, and reiki sessions cultivate both creative spirituality and mental awareness, allowing me to actually experience the values that I truly want to uphold.

Alberto Austin, TX

The reading was so powerful and potent --- I've been praying and doing sadhana everyday, and, my goddess, what a difference it makes! I put my notes from the reading at the front of my journal so its the first thing I see each time i open it.

...that last part of the reading --- the one about the untrustworthy person and the "issue already being resolved" that message was a god send if there ever was one. Closure complete... Such a powerful feeling.

SPK Philadephia, PA

Loved the session. I felt great all day and worked further on the drawing last night. inspiring!

T Austin, TX

Thank you for the wonderful reading and Reiki. Wishing you the best this fall...

A Austin, TX

I really enjoyed the workshop! It inspired me to get my own set of cray pas and watercolors...

Amy Austin, TX

Sat Nam Sohan Kaur,
I came and got a reading with you...about finding a house with my fiance. Well, as I was driving home on Thursday, he sent me a house he liked, we went to look at it yesterday, and made an offer today, and it was accepted! You said it would happen quickly 🙂

So now we are in the process of loan details, inspections, etc., and we still really need guidance from the Angels! Please keep us in our prayers if that feels right to you.
Thanks again for your beautiful reading...
Love and Blessings,

SK Colorado